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Bangor School District Security Case Study

Posted on by Joe Grady

ESG designed and installed a complete security upgrade at Bangor School District just in time for the new school year. ESG set up this entire campus to run on a networked security system. This includes all buildings K-12 and allows the security team to be able to manage the system easily and respond to emergencies quickly. Bangor School District is located in Bangor, Wisconsin and consists of Elementary, Middle, and High School. 

Watch the video above as ESG TV Host Kristin takes us on a tour and meets with the Superintendent, Dave Laehn and Elementary School Principal, Jac Lyga to see how the process went!


Paxton Door Entry System: 

Paxton Security Door Access

A visitor initiates a video call via the bell button on the external panel. This phone dials to the front desk where they can see you, hear you, and unlock the door remotely once they have approved access. Visitor access can be granted via the entry monitor, which features a touchscreen user interface. 




 Prevention of Unauthorized Access to School: 

ACTi Identify Fraud

Without video surveillance videos, it is hard to be sure if the identity shown in the entry log matches the accessing person. ACTi Access Control integrated into your security system prevents identity fraud by providing video proof and entry log at the same time for verification.