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McMahon Engineering and Architecture Renovation with ESG

Posted on by Rod Reynolds


McMahon Expansion and Renovation

When McMahon decided to renovate and expand their corporate headquarters they went all in adding an additional 20,000 square feet of modern office space. They also needed state-of-the-art A/V to compliment the new facility. Watch the video above to see how ESG and McMahon teamed up to overhaul their entire A/V. 


Video Conferencing Confidence Monitor

High-resolution Polycom cameras were installed in the conference rooms along with confidence monitors so presenters do not need to turn their back to the audience.

Presenters can connect by plugging in their device or streaming wirelessly via Crestron’s Air Media System.

The Polycom and Shure microphones with incredible clarity and range are built into the ceiling to reduce any clutter on the tables.


What They’re Saying 

Sam Tijan McMahon BIM Lead

ESG TV Host Kristin Henzi with Sam Tijan, McMahon’s BIM Lead

Sam Tijan, McMahon’s BIM Lead, was part of the team that selected ESG. “One of the interesting things, especially from an architectural standpoint, is as we’re designing these office projects we’re telling people about all these great technologies and before having all this in our office that’s literally what we were doing. We were telling them that, but we were not in the position to be able to show them that so the whole talking the talk but not being able to walk the walk perception. Now when we talk this technology we can bring them in our office and show them how it’s helping us communicate these things for our clients.”

John Davis, McMahon’s IT Director, says the recently installed A/V has been great, “We’ve had very good response, the previous iteration of our technology was very complicated. It took two or three devices to accomplish a video conference. Now we’ve gone to a very streamlined system where it’s one or two touches of a button on a panel and they’re up and running.”


About McMahon McMahon Group Audio Visual Wall

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