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Grassland Dairy Wireless Deployment

Posted on by Extreme

Established in 1904, Grassland Dairy has grown into one of the top producers of butter in the United States. Follow Kristin and ESG TV as we give you an exclusive tour inside Grassland Dairy’s facility and check out their wireless network deployment! 


Grassland Dairy’s Access Points Extreme Networks AP3965i

This wireless deployment includes close to 100 access points throughout the plant, both inside and outside the facility. These access points support production tablets, scanners and VoIP over  WiFi. The tablets wirelessly connect to the network so they can seamlessly keep track of all inventory. 

However, this was no easy task. Grassland had a pretty challenging environment to be able to get a wireless signal through, due to all the metal and piping they have throughout the facility. Thankfully, ESG was up for the challenge and our engineers were able to find an effective solution!


Extreme Switches Extreme Networks X440-G2 Full Stack

Grassland uses a series of Extreme Switches both at their headquarters as well as their manufacturing plant. Branch locations nationwide are also deployed with these switches. They are connected via fiber optic cables to create successful connectivity throughout the entire facility.