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Polycom RealPresence Centro

Posted on by Polycom

Polycom RealPresence Centro









How is it that when it comes for our teams to meet, we all still sit at a long conference table, camera on one end and those conferenced in end up viewing “the table” and fade into the background of the meeting? Every teammate matters. And so does how they experience team meetings.

True collaboration begins when there are no barriers to human interaction and presence. People who are comfortably gathered in a circle, are able to see and hear others clearly, whether they are sitting in the room or around the globe.

Polycom Centro - Tech in the Park

Polycom’s RealPresence Centro showcased at ESG’s Tech in the Park event.

Leveraging patented voice and 360-degree video technologies-and keen insight on human workgroup behavior-RealPresence Centro responds to participants where not only can everyone see and be seen, but everyone has an equal seat at the table. Reading reactions and body language from everyone on the call is as simple as a glance around the collaborative space. RealPresence Centro empowers collaboration by pairing with BYO devices-allowing users to easily guide the experience and even share content from their smart phone. Whether used for video conferencing, content sharing, or both, four intuitive touch-screen monitors make collaboration easy, engage users, help speed adoption and increase ROI.

RealPresence Centro empowers administrators, as well. The RealPresence Centro single-SKU design and two-cable installation assures a consistent experience for the most demanding teams across the globe.

RealPresence Centro, the technology is constantly there, ready to begin collaboration as soon as you are. You simply walk into the room, accept the meeting request with a touch and collaboration begins. There is no lost time (or lost ideas) while waiting for cords to be plugged in, remotes to be found, cameras and audio to be positioned. Centro is fully automated and works intuitively so you can start collaborating on-the-spot.

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