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  • Provide a quicker product/project development cycle
  • Higher retention rates among employees and customers
  • Tangible savings from reduced travel and time management
  • Increased corporate morale through interactive team environment

Make social media a part of your video conferencing system

Social Media is here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google+ are all examples of social media. With Polycom’s Cloud Axis solution you can now securely and effectively use these tools to bring outside users, employees, potential hires into your video systems with a press of a button.


Turn your conference rooms into hubs for team collaboration

InFocus Conference RoomFocus on the conversation in your video meeting, without being distracted by technology. Whether you are an executive conducting a regional staff meeting, a doctor consulting with a remote patient, or a professor teaching a seminar, Polycom RealPresence Room Solutions deliver video and voice that are so lifelike, remote participants often feel as if they’re in the same room.

  • Breakthrough ease of use make video conferencing as easy as a phone call
  • SmartPairing™ turns the Apple iPad into a powerful control device for RealPresence
  • Room solutions, providing easy dialing and room management
  • HD audio and video help participants hear every word and see every expression
  • Intelligent design simplifies sharing HD content among all participants, so they make decisions more swiftly and conduct meetings more efficiently


Video conferencing goes mobile

Mondopad Control ViewTablets, cellular phones and other mobile devices have become a part of our everyday lives. Now with the introduction of RealPresensce mobile with Polycom you can now turn your mobile device into an effective business tool. Participate in video meetings, show issues or design changes in the field or have an ad hoc conference through 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

  • Extend your enterprise-grade video to any business or consumer
  • Use your tablet to control the conference room system with built-in SmartPairing technology
  • Experience feature rich multimedia by sharing photos, spreadsheets, documents, presentations that have been stored locally or in the cloud
  • Stay connected with a single device for phone calls, video conferences, e-mail, calendars and more
  • Enjoy the reliability, security, and lifelike quality of the legendary experience only Polycom can provide with RealPresence solutions